Crooked Dice Game Design Studio – Greenskins and where to find them 164

Crooked Dice is a company from the UK that sells a lot of different Pulp miniatures and terrain. Recently they’ve had a Kickstarter that brought some Orks and Goblins and the Otherworld Giant into the fold. It’s a perk of following me on Facebook, that you don’t have to wait until I get to writing an article but may also get the info there’s a Kickstarter going on at the right time to buy in. First off, I’ll show you some of the stuff Crooked Dice have in their terrain category for fantasy:

There’s mushrooms, cave terrain and the occasional monster stalagmite with it’s mushroom covered inanimate pals for company. I guess night Goblin players might build quite the nice table with that stuff. The creature is £10, the mushrooms £12 and the scatter terrain is £9. If you like your Goblins worshipping spiders though, you can get a pretty giant one for £30 or a set of 4 smaller ones and their eggs for £16. While we’re at cave dwelling creatures, there’s also Trolls…

Since they vary so much in style I had to show them all… all of them are £8, while the heads are available for half that and the “nordic Trolls” that come as a set of two are £15. While the smaller models like Orcs and Goblins are cast in metal, the bigger models are made from resin. I’ll go a step bigger and show off their Giant and a great proxy for an Idol of Gork or Mork. This Giant had me tempted several times…

The Idol for £45 is big at 11cm, but still dwarfed by the 18cm tall Giant, who comes with 2 head options if you didn’t like the standard one and is £60. The Kickstarter also brought some troops for your Greenskin army to the table, with some new Orcs and Goblins. There are a lot of them so I’ll show a little part of the range:

There are 8 Boggarts, who don’t seemed geared for war for £8 per 4 models, 16 infantry Goblins in sets of 4 for £12 as well as 10 riders in sets of 2 for the same price. On the Orc side there are two sets of 3 troopers and a set of 2 command models for £16 per set, a nice looking warboss for £12 and a huge mounted warlord for £35.

You can buy all of those miniatures on Crooked Dices website here, and follow them on Facebook to see when something new is happening. All pictures above belong to Crooked Dice Game Design Studio.

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