Spotlight On: Wolf Mounts (Part II – Sizes)

Continued from Part 1

This time I’m going to give you all a load more photos to help with comparing the sizes for these wolves to see what you want for your own collection. I did mention a bit about their sizes before of course when reviewing all of these models in Part 1, however as they say, a picture can tell a 1000 words, so on with the photoshoot…

This will mostly be unpainted model comparisons still (at least where I still have unpainted models!), but do subscribe to the CollectingGreen blog (See the field on side bar to put in your email address) to make sure you don’t miss part 3 where I will show you more about how I paint wolf miniatures – along with painted photographs of most of these miniatures.

So as to not “bury the lead” and as I am sure not everyone will want to delve into all the in-depth comparison photos later, here’s an overview shot of all of the wolf model ranges I have side-by-side. They are roughly arranged in order of size, from left to right we have:
Marauder wolf, new Mierce wulf, Marauder wolf, GW wolf, Black Tree Design wolf, old Mierce frēawulf, North Star ‘Oathmark’ wolf, GW Fenrisian wolf, GameZone wolf, Knightmare wolf, Shieldwolf wolf, new Mierce frēawulf.

All models are picture on a 24.5x50mm base (old GW bases, and most slotta bases) or a true 25x50mm base.

Here’s an overhead shot to get a better idea of the bodies of these wolves and how they fit on the bases:

As you can see here, partly due to the pose the Shieldwolf wolf is actually the longest, but the Knightmare and new Mierce frēawulf wolves are much ‘thicker’ bodies (yeah they THICC BOIS…=eyeroll= sorry).
As noted in part 1, all Shieldwolf & Knightmare wolves are in quite similar poses, whereas as you will have seen there too, each of the new Mierce frēawulfas are in very different poses, some of which don’t even fit nicely onto this size of base. I have chosen this model, Brega, Frēawulf, for these photos as it was the one that fit best & posed the easiest onto a 25x50mm base.

Time to zoom in for some more details now, for those who want to get really wolfy! As always, click the images for larger views of these photos.

Here’s what I would class as the “Small size” wolves: Old (OOP) Marauder wolves and the new Mierce wulf:

Again, note that Mierce wulfas come in a variety of poses, and I chose the most “standing still” pose (Thura, Wulf) as the easiest for comparison. Despite the small overall size of the Mierce wulfas they do have much thicker bodies again, which makes them look a little bigger.

Onto the “Medium size” class: GW wolf, Black Tree Design wolf, old (OOP) Mierce frēawulf, North Star ‘Oathmark’ wolf:

And finally the “Large size” biggest wolf models: GW Fenrisian wolf, GameZone wolf, Knightmare wolf, Shieldwolf wolf, new Mierce frēawulf.

This is actually the GameZone wolf in the most ‘stretched’ pose here, I’ve chosen it though as the easiest one to see the scale of all of it’s parts from the same angles as the other wolves, since it’s not twisting it’s body sideways or upwards etc. and I chose this Fenrisian wolf pose for the same reason.

Rider… Jump!

Onto wolves with riders comparisons now. Firstly I should note that I think with some modelling work & skill you will be able to put almost any suitable Goblin rider model onto any wolf mount really, this is mostly about what I feel looks the best, and what is easiest to do ‘out of the box’ as it were.

Here’s a look at our lovely rider models I’ll be using in the later photos for comparison without their mounts:

They are roughly arranged in order of size, from left to right we have:
Black Tree Designs goblin rider, Marauder goblin rider, North Star/Oathmark goblin rider, Knightmare goblin rider, GW goblin rider, GW metal Orc rider and GW plastic orc rider.

Hopefully you’ll be familiar with one of more of these rider models. Black Tree Designs and especially Knightmare riders that I have come with much more varied leg poses, so some will require a bit of bending to fit even the wolves they come with at times, however since they are metal this is pretty easily done. Also note I will only be poster-tacing these models onto the wolves as I am still in the process of making these miniatures – and in reality you would usually want to at least glue them, and in many cases pin & glue them properly to the wolves, which will make them much more stable and fit more easily.

Smallest first once again:

As my oldest Marauder wolves already have riders glued to them (see earlier photos above for those), I am only able to show you what the new Mierce wulf looks like with various rider models here – and not all of them will fit on easily despite the smaller size of these wolves, due to the leg poses of the riders and the thickness of the wolf’s body. As Mierce themselves told me, these wulfas are not really intended for rider models of course, but if you’re like me you will definitely be wanting to “honour” (or defile, depending on your perspective) them with some Goblin riders!

I think the Mierce wulf looks best with the 3 smallest riders from Black Tree, Marauder and North Star/Oathmark respectively, even if it will take some leg-bending (not done in these photos!) for the metal miniatures to fit properly. The ‘Oathmark’ goblin rider legs however fit almost perfectly onto this wolf.

The bigger rider models will of course fit very easily, but once you get up to that size, I think they start to look a little ‘top heavy’ with the rider, so this isn’t a look I would go for most of the time on my miniatures personally, but I do think it looks quite amusing for a few models to look like the wolf might actually be struggling to carry it’s slightly less diminutive goblin on its back.

Onto the ‘happy’ Medium:

All of the Goblin riders fit very well here in my opinion. Again some of legs, especially of the metal models might need a bit of bending to fit on certain wolves, but nothing too tricky at all.
For ease of my rider-swapping photography, and as the ‘biggest of the Medium class’ wolves, the North Star/Oathmark wolf is photographed instead below with the largest wolves.

Biggest boys:

Once again almost any rider will fit almost any wolf here with a bit of work. I think these all look pretty cool, as I also like the look of a small Goblin riding a really oversized wolf! Again all of my GameZone wolves are already fully painted with riders glued to them so I wasn’t able to show you different riders there, however the far left one photographed above (and earlier) actually has a smaller Marauder miniature rider to give you some idea.

It’s only when you get to the extremely wide body of the new Mierce frēawulf models where you really start to have issues fitting a Goblin model onto their backs. I do intend to do the modelling work to make some Goblins fit eventually – however as I am not certain yet which models I want to put on their backs, and I didn’t want to damage any of my miniatures for other uses yet, I’ve instead shown the Orc riders on these huge Mierce wolves, as they fit almost exactly onto them. So weirdly, if you like this look (I certainly do!) you could even use them as alternative “boar” mounts that Orcs usually ride in many gaming systems.


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