Da Green One – Greenskins and where to find them 158

The range of Da Green One was recently acquired by Ramshackle Games. Curtis has a whole shop section with those Sci-Fi-themed Orc and Goblin bits and bobs, all cast in green resin by Soul Forge Casting. Even though the range mainly contains 40k themed greenskins, there’s something to salvage for fantasy fans – I might have become a bit of a Goblin when it comes to seeing opportunities. But honestly, there’s some stuff that might appeal to you. Let me show you:

The common horned Splots are £12 for 3 models. One has googles, but the others are all natural. With the Goblin Riggers there’s also a set of Goblins with next to no equipment. Could make nice civilians. A set of 5 is £16. Other than that there are some interesting bits:

I never had the urge to build a kneeling Goblin… but if I ever get one I now know where to get some legs for just that. 12 pairs of Orc and 3 pairs of Goblin legs cost you £12, which is quite cheap comparatively and might be useful if you have a few spare upper bodies. The 3 heads shown are £4. You can see quite the nice thing about all those sets: The tabs are made to resemble junk, so you (ironically) won’t have to toss them but can use them as barricades. This will cather more to the 40k crowd but I quite like the idea. If you’re feeling lucky, play 40k and don’t mind what you’ll get, there’s also the option to get 150g of miscast bits for £10. Excellent for some of the good old “kustomizin!”

All products above are available via the Ramshackle shop. There’s still a Da Green One Facebook page managed by Ramshackle now, where you can get regular updates on the range. The pictures above all belong to Da Green One/Ramshackle Games.

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