Creative Sculpt Studio Ltd – Review

I ordered a package at Creative Sculpt Studio some time ago. It happened that I exactly ordered when they began their vacation (which was stated in the website, so fair play) and had to include a note that I would like my package to another address than I initially stated – I was on vacation too. Shortly after beginning business again, I was sent a small parcel:

Inside were 6 little minis – the three legged Goblins and 5 Chaos Familiars, which I deemed perfect for a use as Chaos Goblins. One is a mutated mushroom, one has a moon shaped head, one is just a moon with legs… those fit my idea perfectly. The executioner and banner bearer were a bit smaller than I anticipated. I’ll show a size comparison later, but you get a general sense of scale above as well.

That’s quite a bit of pictures – I encourage you to click on them to enlarge them. There are air canal leftovers on quite a few minis, but those never bothered me, since they are really easy to remove. There were however mold lines on most of the models. I don’t particularly like scraping off mold lines, but for most models that worked out pretty well. It’s made easier by the fact that none of the models have a tab and so the amount of enclosed spaces with mold lines was minimal and cleaning up bearable.

The models have an appropriate amount of details – what would a moon with legs want in accessories? The wrinkles on both moon faced horrors gives structure to their skin, the armor is sculpted nicely, all in all nice, characterful models. This lack of excessive detail makes the mold lines more tolerable. Size wise as mentioned earlier the smaller familiars are pretty tiny – the Moonling is as tall as a Goblin if you count his forehead. You might be able to tell it’s among my favorite models of the bunch. The Fungi Familiar, Three legged Goblin and Moon faced Familiar are at a nice Goblin-appropriate size. A single one of the familiars is £2,50, the three legged Goblin is £4. I guess he’s a bit harder to cast, as size and material-wise he’s pretty similar to most familiars. For metal minis around £3 is an ok price – considering most people won’t buy a bunch of them. If you’re after Chaos Goblins these might actually be the cheapest ones around – I might do a proper article on Chaos Goblins if I ever get the time. It’s a really nieche subject… I think those minis wonderful characterful sculpts and should you need Chaos Goblins you should probably not pass on them if a bit of cleanup doesn’t bother you.


    • Oh yes. Also got some from Knightmare Miniatures. There are a lot of them from Blood Bowl miniature companies, but those are expensive… and new Goblin Master ones soon, but those really cost an arm and a leg…


  1. Hi Erik.  I just finished my latest sculpt.  The „Sqyvern“. 

    An orc big boss on a wyvern just didn’t fit my squig themed army.  So I made the Sqyvern.  I expect to have models available for shipping on Halloween, Oct 31.  I’ll be selling the model for $40 US. plus postage.  If anyone  would like to pre-order before Halloween, I will take $5 off the price.  You can pre-order by contacting me  I only accept PayPal as a method of payment.

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