Bertrand Romain – Greenskins and where to find them 152

Quick! It’s another Kickstarter and it’s about to finish… Ok – I’ll slow down a bit. Bertrand Romain, under whose name this project is published on Kickstarter and Agostini Cedric (aka Snowmodel on Myminifactory and Thingyverse) sculpted some great STL files for Goblin fans – and even I’m tempted although I don’t even have a 3D printer… I’ll have to buy one eventually. There was an earlier Kickstarter of Snowmodel for a Giant.

The Giant is available on MyMiniFactory, but also as part of the Kickstarter right now. Crazy Mushrooms started out harmless: 5 different riders and a set of Squigs with explosives. One of the little critters is available as a free sample on Thingyverse. The Squigs themselves are available for 10€, but I would really not recommend that pledge level – why? Because for 22€ you get all the stretch goals: here’s some of the stuff that’s currently in there:

Scenic bases, Spider Riders, terrain, Trolls, another Giant, Mangler Squigs, heroes… a lot! For 35€ the Giant from the first Kickstarter is also included. For 45€ you get a license to print and sell those models to your hearts content if that’s your thing. Aaaand – the stretch goals haven’t stopped yet. This one is not reached yet:

A giant spider, available with or without a shrine on top. It’ll take around 750€ at time of writing this to be included as well. I think it looks really cool so far, and I really hope this model will be funded as well. So if you have a 3D printer this is around the best price to model count ratio I’ve seen so far.


    • Yeah that’s understandable. And the commercial license is pretty cheap, would probably also be better from a business standpoint to outsource it. Would attract more people. But then again might be hard to find someone to do that for a small designer. Having both would probably be best.


  1. The miniatures looks really cool and surely the stretch goals are yummy.. Saying this, a 3D printer is quite expensive, don’t know how much people owns one.. But under another point of view, it was a good choice because they have reached their goals with very few people.. And to support the project a small amount of money was more than enough.. However buy something only to have the opportunity to print it and than having to face the costs of the materials too.. Don’t know.. It’s not something that I really feel intriguing.. But maybe if I would possess a 3D printer, I would be estatic.. 🙂 What I would say can really sound obvious, but if you have a 3d printer and you are used to this kind of things, could be a real deal.. For the average modelist, really not… However, if you don’t have a quality 3d printer, the models how will they look?? They woulld look as cool as in the images on the campaign?? Don’t know, really contrasting feelings…

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    • Yes, printers are expensive at first. Around 200€ gets you an Anycubic Phton though, which seems to be a model a lot of people seem to use. It’s a resin printer and I guess that that’s the only choice to print models, the filament ones will probably only resolve into satisfying prints if you print terrain.
      Yes, material also costs money, but depending on how many models you’d actually print it might actually make sense to get one. For me it’s more a matter of I wouldn’t know where to put it 😀
      On the distribution of 3D printers… My local group consists of around 40 active members. We have at least 3D printers in that group. Not the people I have to do most with, so I don’t really want to bother them, but there are a few around 🙂


  2. You are right.. I have to admit that I never spend some seriouse time, collecting infos about 3D printers,.. In fact I was aware only of models over a thousand euros.. That is really expensive.. But after your statement, I’ve gived a second look and actually I’ve found models around 400, 600 and a couple around 200 (190 and 220, exactly) and I’ve changed my perspective..
    However, I think that in Germany the situation is really different, than in Italy.. I mean, the last years I was seeing a fiction made in your country and I’ve seen kids using 3d printings at school. Don’t know if it’s true, but In Italy we are near to don’t have standard printers in schools…
    And I don’t personally know nobody that has a 3D printer.. So I think that my different opinios are really linked to the situation here, that is obviously totally different from yours.. In a situation like yours, what you are saying is totally right.. 😉

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    • I don’t know any schools here that have one and our internet connection is one of the worst wordlwide, so Germany really isn’t at the pinnacle of technological evolution 😀 The school I work at has a laptop for all teachers, a big printer (but pretty slow, below office standards I’d deem) that can only print black and white and yes, a box full of Ipads. The state tried technologically advancing schools a few years ago and now doubled down on that with ipads. To be honest I’d rather have a beamer to show the kids stuff…


  3. Ah ok.. When I was seeing kids using 3d printers in school, I was Like “damn, they are 20 years ahead us” 😀 Ok, it was totally a fiction. 😉 However the situation you described is totally better than italian one.. In Italy to have a laptop for teachers and stuff like that, you have to go to a very expensive private school, and a lot of them are not so technological.. So you are really ahead of us. 😉
    At this point, probably the only ones that are so ahead of all of us are japanese, but they are one of a kind andt they are the biggest nation of nerds all over the world.. 😀
    And probably nordics countries..

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