Gazpez Arts – Greenskins and where to find them 149

Gazpez Arts boasts a huge array of Fantasy Football teams, including 4 full Greenskin teams (not counting Neomics miniatures, who are sold through them and will get their article in the next few days). Be aware that what I show you is just a part of their range, there’s still more food-sellers, fans and other fun stuff if you look close enough. There are some nicely themed teams for the Goblins: Circus Goblins and GOBham Asylum – Batman villains based Goblins:

The full team of Batman-Goblins is available in resin and metal, and will cost the same 126,80€ no matter the material. At the moment it’s reduced to 85€. You can also get a cheaper bundle without the Trolls. The Goblin Circus is available as a box of 11 Goblins for 65€ without Trolls, which will cost 20€ each and with no specialists. Other than that there’s a bunch of funny civilians like a doctor for 6,90€, a hot dog cart for 20€ or a Goblin making Spaghetti in a trophy for 8,50€. There’s also two circus Squigs you can get for 5,90€.

The Orcs also come in two variants: The trenchcoat wearing Arro-Gaspez’z Orc Team for 110€ for a full team of 16 without a Troll (as you can guess those are available as well) and a more normal Orc team made up of 17 miniatures for 115€ (if they’re not discounted as they are right now). For civilians the range only offers up a pizza seller, but if you want to decorate your pitch you might also just use some Goblins in addition to him. Speaking of pitches: there are two for each team available, differing only in their sizes.

Should you want some of Gaspez-Arts’ miniatures, you can get them in their shop. You can also follow them on Facebook here. All pictures above belong to Gaspez-Arts.

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