Crippled God Foundry – Greenskins and where to find them 140

Scenic bases, a varied range of monsters and heroes or scatter terrain, you name it – Crippled God Foundry might be most interesting for the role players amongst us. There are some miniatures for fans of war games as well however. There are some rather ferocious looking Goblins, which would probably fit in pretty well with Shieldwolfs Orcs:

A single Goblin is 7€, but the set of three is 19€. The Warg Rider is 12€. Of course this small offering of Goblins is supplemented by two Orcs available for 8€ each:

Since some people like spiders as mounts for Goblins I figured I should show them as well and I think the kneeling Goblin might serve well as a rider:

If you need more than those two spiders for 12€, you can get an STL file for a big spider with some spider babies for 2€. Theres also a Troll and a Wyvern available for 4,60€, so if you’ve got a printer you can produce yourself some fine monsters:

If you’re interested in their miniatures, you can buy them on their website. There’s also a MyMiniFactory page with their 3D files and a Giant available, which hasn’t hit the regular webshop yet. If you want to keep up to date, I suggest you follow Crippled God Foundry on Facebook.

All pictures above belong to Crippled God Foundry.

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