Macrocosm – Greenskins and where to find them 139

Macrocosm is one of the bigger companies on the list and it only took me so long to write this up because I was hoping for one of their Goblin ranges that appealed most to me to come back. I was told though that the Goblin Hood range would probably shelved for some time and there’s still a lot for Goblin fans to find at Macrocosm. They even have a range of Goblins fit to fight in one of the World Wars under the Weird Wars label if that’s something you like. I’ll stay with fantasy here like always and start with some pirates:

The Orc pirates are rather beefy and thus made in metal with a warband of 9 costing £30, while the 9 metal Goblins with a cannon are £20. Those also have heads sculpted by Kev Adams. The Goblins can also be bought in smaller increments. With Goblin Hood being gone, there’s still their newest range of Bonefields left, which concentrates on the conflict between undead Goblins and Dwarfs with a whole ruleset to duke out this war yourself. There’s a lot to unpack here:

While the foot troops consist of skeletons, there are some characters with more meat on their bones available. Theres even undead skeleton Squigs, Doom Divers and wolf riders. Most packs of 3 or 4 troopers are £10, 4 wolf riders are £15 and the characters are £3 to £5. All of those are made in resin. Those rotting Goblins have also formed a team for Fantasy Football, with mostly the same stuff available but suited for sports:

The picture above shows the largest deal you can get for these minis at £75. It shows everything you can get: Trolls, a werewolf, a Golem, skeletons, ghouls and all manners of special weapons. Those are all available individually of course.

If you now feel the need to get some undead Goblins, you can buy them in Macrocosms online shop. They also have a Facebook page you can follow.

All pictures above belong to Macrocosm.


  1. These miniatures are really cool! Probably found something about Macrocosm a while ago… The pirates are quite original. Usually in fantasy wargames pirates doesn’t simply exists, both as models than as concept. Or they always are humans.
    The goblin vampire is really funny and remainds me a lot of GW blood dragons.. 😀 Was a blood dragon, right?? I really remember an old GW model of a vampire count, with that posture and armour.. 🙂

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  2. Oh you’d be surprised. If you use the “Greenskins and where to find them”-tab, go to styles and select “pirates”, you’ll find all companies on my list that sells pirate Greenskins. There are 22 right now, so there definitely seems to be demand.
    I think that’s were they got the idea. He’s modeled after Conrad von Carstein, that guy had exactly the same armour, but had crossed swords over his head. There was a von Carstein with a similar pose, but the armour definitely is his 🙂

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  3. Only 22???? 😀 😀 😀 😀
    With this answer, you really made me realize how much I live in the past, man! 🙂
    Yeah, was a Von carstein. Just found the image! Konrad Von Carstein, was the one with crossed blades over his heads.

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