Goblins in Lustria week 3-4

If you haven’t seen yet, here’s a link to part 1 and here’s part 2.

Well now, it took me long enough to write up these weeks. In week 3 I was fairly lazy and had to continue to paint some Gobbos which I had only painted the skin of in week 4. But let’s see what I’ve got here:

First of, there are some Goblins with spears. I only had these with me, but there will be more. Since most ranges I own seem to concentrate on Goblins with hand weapons I had to mix and match heavily here as well. A lot of those are the usual mix of Ral Partha/Impact Miniatures and Knightmare. The latter has a range of Black Goblins – which are huge. I guess you can spot him in the first line of the regiment. There’s also three Westfalia Goblins in there, who looked quite big in comparison to other Goblins in part 1 and 2, but seem quite fitting if mixed in with bigger Greenskins like the Black Goblin. In the second row on the first picture, the first one from left you can see the first Midlam Miniatures Goblin other than Skulkers. There’s also a Mannequin Miniature Goblin in there, you can see it in the second picture on the second row on the far right.

Then there’s the aforementioned hand weapon Goblins. I really enjoyed the old Heartbreaker ones with shields molded to them. I don’t know. I’m lazy. If I have to find the shields and glue them on later, I’ll probably forget that. I tell myself, that I’ll do it later. I probably will, but I don’t know how long it will take. So finally, there’s actually some shields in a regiment I want them to be. Interestingly, Ral Partha doesn’t sell the smaller Greenskins from Heartbreaker, that Impact Miniatures have available, so if you want the whole range you won’t be able to get around them, even if you don’t like resin as much. After having painted almost the whole range available in both materials, I have to say I enjoy the metal more, but that probably comes down to personal preference. The casting is cleaner, but they’re much more expensive as well. I like the heavy feel, but having lighter minis has it’s own merits. I’m actually thinking about getting the Impact set again, again because I have the metal minis as collection pieces and more resin ones to bolster the numbers wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Oh well, 10 more GW Wolf Riders. Not much to say here. I fairly like the models. I like the old metal guys more, but I already painted the 30 or so I have (yes I have 20 more, but I’ll have to strip the paint of them since they were used and don’t get the alcohol for that right now). I don’t particularly like the conversion with the knife on the musician but didn’t want to mess with the stuff the previous owner had done. This time I actually remembered to paint the nose ring of the one Goblin with it as well. I’m amazed how GW can sell minis – ok they don’t sell them anymore – with that much mold lines on them. I hated to scrape all this off, most newer minis of them aren’t as bad. And most other companies aren’t that bad either 😉

This week had some heroes in it again. There are two guys from Knightmare Miniatures – the heavily armored guy and the banner bearer. The banner is big enough and the Goblin hefting it a Black Goblin, so it should stand out as a hero. The armored one… such a mean smile, this comically over proportioned sword, I love this guy. Will have to add some rust later. The infantry boss on the left is the last model from Westfalia I had to finish. He’s quite the lowly boss. Not that big, not that impressively equiped. But still a boss, he stands out among his peers. The far right is the second Shaman from the old Heartbreaker range. On the left is a model for which I stole the idea here (and the original guy to do it has painted his far far better – but well it took me very little time so I’ happy anyways, I want and need quick results). It’s an old rider from Confrontation I got in a job lot without a mount. Had to clip off a large knob under his legs which attached to the former mount, but afterwards he fit very well on the Fenrisian Wolf by GW I used as his new companion.

As you can see those two weeks were more tranquil than the ones before. All in all I only painted a few heroes, 10 riders and 67 troopers, but I think I have a strong core for an army now. I still lack in more fast elements and some more artillery pieces, but for the timespan of a month until now it’s quite a lot I think. That’s the whole army to this point:


  1. Great job! Although this is making me a bit jealous of some of the older Goblin models you have now!

    At least some of those are still around though… but I should NOT order any more models right now, I’ve still got lots and lots to do myself 🙂


    • Whenever I get the motivation to continue I’ll paint some models you can’t buy anymore and also already have. 70 old plastic spears… I also finally hunted down the last metal wolf rider (the ones that already have plastic wolfs) recently. I’ll have to paint those up when I get my hands on some alcohol to strip models again. What’s on your table right now?


      • Oh the old WFB 4th ed ones I painted some of? I still have loads more of those myself to model and paint – although likely only one day when any game system I play makes Goblins with Spears more useful… :-/

        Right now it’s been weeks (as predicted) on Forest Goblins!

        Night 16, teeth and nails!

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    • Thank you 🙂 the snotling in the helmet caused me some problems. Since I use contrast and that color is too dark for goblins in general I try to highlight them with Goblin green, which tends to make the ones without a lot of muscles look flat. The snotling needed another coat of a lighter green, but that didn’t really help either…

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