SHQ Miniatures – Greenskins and where to find them 133

Well, I better get that out while it’s still there – SHQ Miniatures mainly sells historic ranges, most in 20mm scale, but they also have some fantasy miniatures. The shop still operates, but the owner is trying to sell his ranges (so if you don’t just want a few miniatures, why not consider buying the whole fantasy and victorian Sci-Fi range for £12000?). But let’s get more specific in their range of fantasy miniatures. First off there are normal Orcs and Goblins:

Each of those are available in packs of two for £3,30, no matter if Orc or Goblin. There are however some bigger Greenskins out there: Hill Orcs for £4,40 (again for two models) and Ogres, which I wouldn’t normally qualify as Greenskins, but if you hop over to Kev Moons twitter, you can see just how well those fit in with Orcs.

There are quite a few Hill Orcs out there, but only the leader has a picture available. The Ogres are split into large and small Ogres. The small ones look more humanoid, while I show you the large ones above. There are 4 available for £4,40 each.

If you want to buy any of those miniatures you can visit SHQ’s shop here. They also have a Facebook page you can follow.

All pictures above belong to SHQ Miniatures.


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