Goblins in Lustria week 2

I wasn’t actually lazy the week after the first as well. While I had some important units for my army, I still lacked the meat of it. There weren’t enough core troops to support the elite I’ve got… I also had to satisfy my urge to paint some old miniatures, which went pretty well together:

This regiment is a pretty mixed bag… while some are the RPE/Impact miniatures Goblins I started last week, there’s also a Mannequin Miniatures Goblin, a few old ones by Marauder Miniatures, 3 arches by Westfalia, a Spellcrow musician and his dog (review for Spellcrow in general here) and three kitbashed ones from old Dwarf Warriors and normal Goblins. Although the regiment is mixed, I think all of them fit together pretty well. The Westfalia ones are a tad to big, but I wanted to include them anyways since I really like the miniatures. And I swear I painted all the eyes red. I don’t know why my camera can’t handle that fact…

The first regiment of Gobbos with hand weapon and shield is very similar. There are warriors by Spellcrow, Marauder Miniatures, Westfalia, a banner bearer by Knightmare Models and a champion by Impact Miniatures (I know this time because it was a resin model…). The various Spellcrow models I used are better visible in my review of them.

Other than characters there were 5 GW wolf riders I painted. I had to start somewhere. Especially against the Skaven I’ll have to use the small advantage I have. They have better troops and better chaff, but I have fast cavalry… We’ll see how that goes. There’ll be more archers on wolfback soon. Sorry, no fancy models here for now.

Those are the heroes of the week. Two models by Tabletop Art, which I wanted to paint for a review anyways and will serve as a boss and a shaman and a shaman on wolf. This guy is kitbashed from Stormvermin, GW Goblin Wolf riders and a Fenrisian Wolf by GW. I think that little conversion works pretty well. There are not that many Shamans on wolf out there sadly.

Lastly I’ve got three more Nasty Skulkers. The one on the left is by Midlam Miniatures. I love the style of that assassin and the model fits the more European centered stile of Goblins from the Imperium and the Borderlands better than the ninjas of last week. I actually ordered some more of their assassins, since they released 3 more sculpts since I last ordered with them. There’s also 2 models by Mantic, a Stinggit and a Sneak, which will serve the same role. Those were incredibly easy to assemble (which is not always given with resin kits) and I really like the design. The only sad part is, that they are only available for Vanguard in a kit for 35€ with 10 normal Mantic Goblins. Which are way cheaper and I had tons of anyways. You can’t deny their style though and they painted up pretty well. While the one by Midlam had few details (which is nice to quickly paint), those have a higher level of detail, without being absolutely plastered with them. I think it’s a good amount that exactly fits into the narrow gap between looking good and being nice to paint.

Here’s a picture of the force after week two. With 61 infantry Goblins, a few riders and skulkers to reinforce them and the heroes to lead them I now have a functioning core for the army, reinforced by heavy hitters in the form of Trolls and two artillery pieces. Not counting the Skulkers this force is actually almost exactly the same point value in Kings of War and Warhammer 8th edition… I really hope to get in a game of Kings of War 3rd edition soon…


  1. Yeah Mantic’s strange packaging for a lot of their Goblins has put me off buying any too. VERY dumb choices. Let’s hope they sort that out too when they release the newer Goblin packs hopefully this summertime.

    I really like that Goblin Shaman on Wolf conversion. I eventually found out about the mythical Fenrisian Wolves last year, as I was wondering how the heck certain models I saw were made, and eventually someone answered and told me! So I will be doing some conversions with them later myself too as I’ve got some now.

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    • I guess they probably will… I mean the Luggits will be coming out as a unit as well. I really hope that they don’t keep it as it is. But for some Basilean stuff they still have the resin units that have Vanguard models in them only available in larger army boxes…

      I’ve bought 10 for heroes and stuff once and then someone gifted me 5 more… I don’t want to use them for chariots since that would use up a lot of them… The heroes however don’t all fit sadly, like the old metal heroes.


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