Spellcrow – Review

Spellcrow has some nice hero miniatures and bits (have a look here for a view at their range) and I ordered those in the past as well, but after buying a pack of Goblins from their Battle for Mortem range at Crisis 2019, I wanted the other set as well. I ordered them through a retailer where I bought some other stuff. The last time I ordered it took a little over a week to dispatch but I ordered almost 200€ of different models in metal and resin and not all of them were on stock when I ordered and I knew this – regarding this the order was dispatched quite fast. I got two Sci-Fi Orc walls and a Troll for free with the order which was incredibly nice and contact was very helpful as well. Let’s look at the items at hand though:

I already showed off the other set of Iron Skull Goblins here. The three of them are on the same sprue and easy to break off it. Afterwards they didn’t need any aftercare as there were no mold lines. They actually changed their packaging for whatever reason. I don’t fancy the huge belt buckles and I don’t really know which material they are supposed to be. This is a design decision that is also apparent in their spearman, and ties the range together a bit. Those are some really grumpy looking Goblins. I like the design in total though and would get more if more were available.

They do have the same dimensions as their brethren in the range as well, as shown by the bard fitting in perfectly:

I imagine him and his dog making such a cacophony that they need the bodyguard. In comparison to other Goblins they have an appropriate size (almost exactly as big as a Skull Pass Goblin), with a bigger head and similarly sized hands and shield. The sword is huge and their built is a bit broader than that of their cousin, but as the heavily armored Goblins they are I think that is really appropriate.

Three of those Goblins are £7 which is cheaper than their hero counterparts at Spellcrow. They’re meant for a skirmish after all and not to be fielded in big numbers (but I think they would look good in a big unit). For the price at hand you get some wonderfully crafted Goblins and Spellcrow are really good with working with their resin, so I think it’s a good price for some great miniatures.


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