TheBattleforge Miniatures – Greenskins and where to find them 127

TheBattleforge mainly has short miniatures – Goblins, Halflings and Dwarves. There’s also a lot of scenery including a lot of mushrooms.

Those are just a few examples. There are giant mushrooms between 5 and 25mm and gigantic ones from 3 to 8cm. A set of two gigantic mushrooms is £10,95, while the giant ones come in packs from 15 to 20 and cost £5,95 to £6,95. There are bigger sets with both kinds of mushrooms available that are £25,95. Fitting with those mushrooms there’s also a Squig for £4,95 and a Grotling hero named Old One Ear, which rides on a wolf and is £4,50. Other than that there’s a set of three banner poles for Goblins for £6,50.

If you want to go bigger, there’s several sets of Hobgoblins with the option of spears or hand weapons alongside their shields. Those are available in packs of 10 for £22,50 and packs of 20 for £39,95. Probably the biggest model available at TheBattleforge is a Giant, the only model they produce in resin from the list above, he comes in at £200 and is a whopping 24cm tall:

If you like the models above you can buy them over at TheBattleforge’s website. They also have a Facebook page you can find here. All pictures above belong to TheBattleforge.

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