Crisis 2019 – All da shiny Gubbinz!

This Saturday I visited the Crisis in Antwerp. This was my second visit there and although the drive to there is a bit over 3 hours from where I live if the traffic is smooth, I really had to go there again. To be honest I have no proof of this but it’s certainly one of the largest wargaming exhibitions on the European mainland, with the only one I know rivaling it being the Spiel in Essen, but that’s more of a board game affair. This year was a bit odd though, since a lot of british sellers didn’t attend the convention, which seems to have been a last minute decision for some, since a few were actually listed on the map I got at the entrance. While I forgot to take a lot of pictures in general, now that I’m at home I had plenty of time to photograph all the loot I acquired there! Additionally I wouldn’t have felt good using pictures with people on them…

There’s a lot to unpack there but let’s start with the simple stuff. The dice tray on the left is a bit of Club Merch from my local gamer group, the Rhine Toppers, which I just got yesterday, but I didn’t buy it at the Crisis. Then there’s a Warhammer 6th edition rule book. I didn’t really need it, but since I have a lot of 6th edition Army Books I thought it would be nice to have. Oh and it was only 3€, who could say no to that. Also somewhat unspectacular are the bases by Warbases. They were fairly cheap and they sell some great MDF bases for Kings of war with hole inserts. Last time I ordered with them they were really really fast, so if you need something of the likes I can only recommend them.

Next up I visited Black Scorpion to buy some Blood Bowl Snotlings and the new Orc officer. Since I didn’t really need more it was nice to save on shipping. Also I am really afraid to miss out on some of their models again – I once wanted to buy two sets of pirate Orcs with a German seller and since they had only one of the two sets I didn’t get it. Now it’s unavailable and won’t be available as far as I’m told. Same for the great pirate Giant the had in their program once… Quality on all parts is great as usual, the exchange rate was pretty neat too, so I paid 18€ for the 11 miniatures shown. The Snotlings are all armoured with scraps and will fulfill their duty in a unit of Goblins. It’s a shame all of those come with round bases, but those seem to be preferred by most people.

Another company I visited there was Spellcrow. I already have most of their Orc and Goblin lineup and a lot of bits I used to spice up some Orcs. The only models I’ve kept shy off were the Hobgoblins due to their hooves. They had most of their range available as well as some miscasts for little money – but they also sold all blisters for 5€ a piece, which compelled me to get their new Goblins. They have two sets but I was to late to get the first one. Really good quality, high details, I just don’t fancy the big belt buckles. Still, great characterful models. Those came on 25mm bases so I definitely will need some 20mm ones soon.

The reason I was late for Spellcrows Goblins was the Bring and Sell area… I rushed there pretty early. It was fun but tiring, just too many people. After a few hours we revisited the area and found a lot more stuff. The first time around I bought a lot of blisters from a French guy, who had tons of different stuff, mainly Harlequin blisters. They also had those Clan Wars guys. I googled the legend of the five rings and it seems just to be a eastern fantasy setting, which at some time also had a miniatures game. The minis I got are labeled 1998 and 1999 and aren’t available for quite the while now. The guy actually had two blisters of infantry, but I only bought one because the other one had a lot of extremely bent spears that I wasn’t sure I could save. In retrospect I should have bought those too. The blister includes 4 models of two Goblins working in tandem, in samurai like garb and on 25mm bases. They look great and didn’t have a lot of moldlines. The same is true for the box of Goblin chuckers. I included a picture of the back because I liked the fluff. All of those were sculpted by Bob Olley and I really dig the sculpts. It’s just a shame that the box shows 4 different models that should be included 6 times each, sadly there were only 2 different miniatures 12 times each. That’s a bummer, but otherwise I’m happy with them.

Then there were the Harlequin blisters. I really dug in there, but with 2€ a blister and 5€ for 3 was too good to pass. I mainly got lesser Goblins of the warrior and guard variant and one blister of lesser Goblin fighters. The guard blisters had 6 Goblins each, the others 4. I also got a blister of normal Goblin fighters (which I painted 2 from recently, but I like the models and more is always better). In the link you can also see some lesser Goblins by Alternative Armies, whose numbers will be bolstered by the Harlequin ones shortly. I also bought an Ogre because he just looked Troll like enough. The last specimen came without base but at least the lesser Goblins had the proper stuff. They all were stapled together, which I think isn’t originally the case and strangely despite the different blister colours they same to be from the same series, almost all names on the blisters are the alternate names referred to on Lost Minis Wiki… Due to the amount of stuff I bought I passed the offer of getting the command for 5€ at another seller. The blister only had 4 models only one of which had a banner. I somewhat regret this for completions sake as well – I hope I’ll have forgotten this lesson next year, otherwise I’ll go bankrupt.

Then I got some blisters from Confrontation. I’m not too huge a fan of their design, but I recently painted one and that convinced me I could use some more. Maybe I’ll use them as the more heavily armored Luggits in Kings of War Vanguard. One of the blisters was French, the others English, so now I got a small rule book in both languages, two sets of tokens and a card for all the minis. I don’t really need those and I don’t know which system they used to distribute these… one set of two Goblins had rules in it, the other didn’t… But it’s nice that a game has all the rules in a blister. A bit unnecessary and I prefer rules in a book, but I’ve never seen that much crammed into a single blister.

The last thing I got where those Fomorian Orc Raiders by i-Kore. I don’t like the design that much, but if it’s buy 4 blisters get 5 I’ll certainly get a fifth one… And after a bit of research I found out that those are still produced by Brigade Models, so there’ll be a Greenskins and where to find them on them as soon as I get an answer from them. The models look fine and quality seems good, so I’m actually happy with the purchase.

So now I got 3 Orcs, an Orc Officer, 58 lesser Goblins (counting the Snotlings and the Goblin Chuckers), 2 Goblin heroes, a Goblin Shaman (the Goblin mutant from Rackham), 13 assorted bigger and well armed Goblins and a Troll, so quite the nice warband. I guess my next project will be painting all those new buggers – I don’t know why but right now I’m in the mood for some smaller Greenskins. I can only recommend Crisis if you’re able to attend and I really hope to see some more of the English sellers again next year!


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