Vanguard – Blaggits

While Mantic have outdone themselves at introducing really specific and creative units to the Goblin Roster with their warband update, there are many models out there that qualify – not that Mantics models aren’t great, they really are, but if you have a specific look for a warband in mind or just want a second Snaggit without duplicates, it seems plausible to have a look at other manufacturers.

As a non-native speaker some of the lesser used English words in the Goblin’s names escape me and I’m glad there’s a Facebook group for Vanguard and Google to help me out. If you ask the latter, to blag is to “manage to obtain something by using persuasion or guile” or by deception. Another described meaning is to “steal something in a violent robbery or raid”. Google actually cites the French blaguer “to tell lies” as the origin of the word, but doesn’t make more of it at first. That’s where I was at before asking the helpful people in the Vanguard Fanatics group. I was told by a group member that it was slang for lying. This convinced me to dig a bit deeper and I found the definition “to convince by rhetoric; to gain acceptance or approval through persuasive banter or conversation; trickery, keenly persuasive […]” in the Urban Dictionary – among some other, sometimes highly questionable descriptions. If I followed them, I would call this website a blag now…

Since I don’t own the warband cards of yet, I also asked what picture the card has on it. I was told it was the old Sneak model by Mantic, which, in light of my newest discoveries made really good sense – just a slippery git, running around the battlefield whispering lies in the ear of anyone that cared to listen. The meaning of a lying git also made perfect sense with the Blaggits “Crafty Tactics” ability, which allows you to use one power to remove a fatigue counter from a friendly model in the vicinity of the Blaggit and his passive ability “Rabble Rouser”, which elevates the nerve value of all friendly Goblins around him. Because of this I formerly had taken the Blaggit for some kind of motivator or entertainer…

With a melee stat of only 6 (one lower than a lousy Rabble) and an armour value of only 6 (again, one worse than Rabble), this guy is no fighter. He also has only one Ranged die and although it’s value is better than the melee one with 5+, he is not really a shooter either. However for 23 Points and a support slot you gain a truly slippery model, nearly impervious to enemy fire with the Dodge, Scout and Stealthy rules allowing him to go where he wants without disturbance, as long as you keep him out of combat. So that leaves us with a fair few options for models – I let my imagination run wild here – First of there is Mantics interpretation of an all around sneaky Goblin that lies to people. I could also imagine him being a rather loud rather than sneaky guy, that motivates it’s peers – imagine a bard (like in the scenario), with the rules rather symbolizing his capricious movements. Lastly, even if somewhat overlapping with the last interpretation, another Facebook commenter told me that a “blague” in French is a joke, so why not choose a jester as your Blaggit.

Let’s look at some models that qualify after that rather long prelude. First of, there’s of course the Mantic model, still available in their Kings of War section for roughly £8 – maybe someone should move him over to Vanguard. Since most sneaking Gobbos have weapons and rather qualify as Sneaks or Stinggits, I’ll focus more heavily on the other kinds of Goblins I described. First of, a somewhat sneaky – if only for his seeming unimportance – character: The Goblin apprentice by Battle Axe studios for £6,50. I can picture him scuttling around telling people they’ll win because he “read it in a book” albeit clearly not being able to read as a Goblin and fending off arrows by hiding behind his books. A similar context applies to the Goblin Geisha by Greebo Games for 8€. She tipples around flattering the others for their strength and fending off projectiles with her umbrella:

If you’re not too fond of the Asian style of the Geisha (she might fit in well with Ninja Sneaks and Stinggits), you might consider the Ridend Ladies by TT Combat. You’ll even get 3 for £6. Don’t ask me though how they escape the hail of arrows – maybe by dancing. The same applies to the Cheerleader and Drunk by Hungry Troll. Those two have their own methods of motivating their peers, either by giving them drinks and singing loudly or just playing his noisy instrument. Those aren’t available separately yet, but judging from the other prices they’ll be 7-8€ each. On that note (haha, because it’s a musician), there is the Goblin with Mandolin by Spellcrow for £6,50 – and if you don’t fancy using a Blaggit you can use him as the bard in the appropriate scenario. And you’ll even get a little dog with him to accompany your Mawbeasts. The last entry for today is the aforementioned Goblin jester. There were many iterations of jesters by GW in the past, but none are available today. There is however Daft Deathfart, sculpted by Kev Adams and available at Warmonger Miniatures for £6.

So, what do you think? Did you find any models you didn’t think of yet? How does the Blaggit fare in your games so far? I’m sure there are even more models out there I just didn’t think of yet, like standart bearers like one of the Facebook commenters.

All the pictures above belong to their respective owners, which are linked for the models and mentioned in the text.

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