Somehow I’m under the impression, that pictures of my models on social media mostly generate more interest than my company entries – and I get that, it’s meant as a resource, I don’t expect anyone to get excited by a list. But my list runs out and I still want to write something occasionally. So I decided to try to write a bit of my hobby week down and see if anyone is interested in that.

This is not only the Vanguard for this kind of article, no I want to write about Kings of War: Vanguard once again. Last saturday my local gaming club had a get-together. That’s quite special, since we don’t have rooms to regularly meet in and getting 26 of our members together in a room is pretty cool. While some people scheduled games with each other, I planned to give some demos of Kings of War Vanguard. There are some people in the group who have played it, but no one was there and I was able to introduce some people to the game.

I didn’t really own a gaming table or scenery here where I study and didn’t want to transport all my stuff form home – which means I had to build all that stuff with leftover foamcore, balsa wood, toothpicks and other stuff I had. The gaming mat is actually cloth drenched with acrylic paint I already had. I also had some “decorative” bust, my buildings from War World gaming, some clay sculpted mushrooms I did and a dragon I got with my last order at Fenryll at hand, so I could comfortably fit out a table. Within 4 evenings I had build and painted everything for the table, so I was pretty fast.

Next up I needed some warbands. I planned on 4, all of them only 150 points (so 3/4 the size of the normal game size). I painted Goblins (of course!), Elves, Orcs… and was to slow to do the Dwarves. Who likes them anyways. For the Elves I was able to experiment with the new contrast paints. I ordered more than ten at my favourite German retailer. They never saw some of them until now. I got 4 now and am waiting for the others. Limiting Looncurse was pretty heartless but ok – but limiting paints? Come on…

Of course I laminated the rules and the army lists. I really enjoy the EasyArmy creator for Vanguard, it works really good and gives great ready to use lists with everything I need rules-wise on them. Vanguard is easy to play and teach, with 2 pages of short basic rules it was easy to get wargamers to understand them. And getting the rules for free is great as well – I got my rule book, but new people are glad if they can get their toes in without spending to much.

I only taught two people the game, but one of them has already bought a fairly big warband of Twilight Kin. I myself played less than 10 games total so far, but it is great fun and I’m on fire now. Since a lot of people have miniatures from Warhammer left over it shouldn’t be impossible to persuade them. I am really hyped now and went to my Flgs and bought a Mawpup Laucher as well as a blister of Gnoblar Trappers they still had laying around. One sculpt for a Stinggit just isn’t enough. I was pretty impressed by the detail and quality of the Mawpup Launcher kit and all the pieces fit together perfectly. I also did some quick tokens for the game. I didn’t back the Kickstarter and don’t really need the set of battlefield objectives, so I had to do my own. Maybe I’ll also make some unit cards myself to put in pictures of my own miniatures…

But wait! There’s more, but it’s not really that Vanguard related. I actually got my hands on the last model from the 7th Edition GW Orcs I didn’t have – and that for a reasonable price on eBay. At our little convention we had a small bring and buy, which led me to aquire some more Greenskins: a friend brought a unit of Demonworld Trolls (still available at RPE), which are 15mm, yes, but work perfectly as some savage Goblins. I just which they had more sculpts. I also got a box of bits – I was told it would be tossed away if I wouldn’t take it and don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and all that I took it just because of the multi-bases. The old plastic shields were just the cherry on top.

If your read so far: I hope you have a wonderful week and if you’re interested to hear regularly from my hobby exploits or even want to tell me it’s boring and I shouldn’t bother, please let me know in the comments 🙂

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