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Hi! Welcome to my little blog. I’ve started it as a resource for people who love Greenskins and love them as much as I do. There’s a plethora of miniature companies out there, that produce Orcs, Goblins and the like. Most people don’t know a lot of them, so here’s me, compiling a list.

If you’re here to see companies, the “Show me…” tab is for you: You can select to see the whole list (show me everything) with over 100 entries or filter for specific kinds of Greenskin. If you’re looking for special troop types, terrain or even bits, you can do that as well. Should you wish to see only miniatures made of a certain material, there’s also an option for that!

Fancy some reviews? I have an expanding line of them as well, always featuring scale shots so you can judge the scale of the stuff. There’s also the category of Game systems, where I tried my hand at introducing different games you can use your Greenskins in.

Since my company list has nearly run out, I’d like to also include a personal hobby section, but let’s see if anyone is interested in that.

Should you be interested in the whole progress of this project, there’s an about tab, which lets you have an insight in the companies I planned to include and gives you my email address should you want to contact me.

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