Black Scorpion Miniatures – Review

Now for a little experiment. For most of the time I’m just compiling a list of companies, which is of course my first goal. But I’d also like to give my opinion on miniatures. First up is Black Scorpion Miniatures for several reasons. I like the miniatures, I have some painted and I still had an unopened blister here. Enough banter, on to the minis.

Black Scorpion Miniatures come in a Blister. In this case I have two Black Orcs in front of me.

First of, even though not important for the miniatures itself, the blister is easy to open. The Black Orcs have very little mold lines, on places fairly easy to clean up.

You can see a bit of mold line on the bracelet on the left arm of the Black Orc and on the tab, but there it doesn’t really matter. Being a single piece miniature, there’s no problem at all building them. The only miniature I own from them, that came in several pieces was the Orc Captain and he had only a seperate head and arm, bot fit together witout a gap. I was searching on my mini before giving up and consulting their website (the pose is too stretched out for me to believe it was one part).

As you can see, the Goblins are well, Goblin sized (I’ll probably use the Battle For Skull Pass Goblins in future reviews as well since a lot of people have one). They are a bit taller and leaner than the Night Goblin, with big hats to seem bigger on most of them. The Captain is a good bit taller than a normal Goblin, as expected from a Boss. The Orc Captain is pretty massive as well.

The models are very detailed. Black Scorpion Miniatures were some of my first resin models and I expected all my following resin miniatures to be the same quality. Well, I was wrong. I think Black Scorpions casting is great, which is to be expected for the prices range they’re in. Of course the Miniatures were meant for a Skirmish game they published, and you didn’t need a lot of miniatures to play it, so the price is justified.

This game isn’t sold any more in book form, one reason being that the binding wasn’t too good. I have bought one and keep the loose pages in a folder now. When you just now learned of Cutlass though, you don’t have to worry, since while it isn’t in print anymore, you can get it for free as a PDF on Black Scorpions website.

The models are top notch and have an according price. In my opinion it’s a shame, that they don’t sell the Orc Pirates and Pirate Giant anymore, I’m still searching for them. I highly suggest you to check out Cutlass (its free, so why not), as I found it to be a highly enjoyable game. If you want something still distributed and like that setting, you could also try their western system Tombstone, which I’ve been told is pretty similar.

What do you think of Black Scorpion Miniatures? Let me know your opinion here or on twitter and if you have any suggestions for future reviews, please tell me.


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