Cadwallon – Greenskins and where to find them 21

Cadwallon produces ranges for Legends of Signum and, more interesting for us, Rackham Confrontation. There there are 3 different factions that consist of Orcs and Goblins.

While the Orcs are fairly standard (although with elongated crocodile faces, the Goblins employ mutants and have some Asia inspired troops, which is something we already had on this blog.

The Boxes with Orc troopers cost a bit more than 4€ per individual miniature, the Goblin set shown above is 23€, with individual models of course being more expensive. The standard bearer above for example is 9€. Most models are metal, the bigger being resin. You can buy models from Cadwallons online shop and also find them on Facebook. All pictures belong to Cadwallon.


  1. I’d never seen the trolls before! They’re gorgeous. I guess I missed them, or Cadwallon did produce some miniatures that were not in the Rackham range…

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    • I’m never to sure on those guys. Cadwallon also sells the miniatures for legends of signum since those have their office near them. While I can’t find the trolls on their separate website and can only find the troll at Cadwallons via the search right now, the style hints at that.

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